Bios Carmen Santos

Born in Madrid, Spain. Graduated at the National Design Art School, Madrid
Digital Infographic and Multimedia techniques, Universidad Politécnica, Madrid-Spain. 
Landscape-Painter and Horticulturist, Ecole de Breuil, Paris-France.
Digital Filmmaking and Stop Motion Filmmaking, Objectifs  photography and filmmaking school Singapore.
Macromedia digital multimedia, SINDA, Singapore Indian Association, Singapore.
TV Direction, San Jorge University, Zaragoza, Spain
Lived and worked in Madrid, Paris, Jakarta and Singapore.
Now settled in Spain since 2012

Single Exhibitions
   1992 Cultural Centre Forum Filatélico, Zamora, Spain.
   1993 Cultural Centre Caja de Avila, Avila, Spain.
   1995 Lisboa Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
   1996 Artefacto Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
   1997 Peugeot Botzaris Gallery, Paris, France.
   1998 Exhibiton Hall of the Embassy of Spain, Jakarta, Indonesia.
   2011 Retrospective, Singapore

Collective Exhibitions:
   1996 Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain, Paris, France.    
             Salon des Indépendants, Paris, France.
   1997 Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain, Paris, France.
   1998 Exhibiton Hall of Hilton Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
   2000 Exhibition Hall of Gran Meliá Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.
   2006 The Arts House, Singapore.
   2007 Wisma Kebudayaan SGM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
   2013 Guadalajara, Colectivo Yo Expongo en el Reina
   2014 QingDao Biennale, China
   2015 Seul International Art Fair Conrad.
            Málaga, Spain, Galería Javier Román.
            Palacio de la Mosquera, Arenas de San Pedro, Avila Spain.
   2016 RefugiArte , Arenas de San Pedro, Avila, Spain 
   2017 Sala El Balcón, Arenas de San Pedro, Avila, Spain

Professional Experience:
   * School of Interior Design, Madrid, as Principal and Design Teacher.
   * Representative of the School of Interior Design in the European League of Art Schools,
   * Member of the pedagogic team for the Information and Communication New
      Technologies, Spanish Ministry of Education.
   * CD Diseño, Madrid as Founder and partner:
      Consultants in Commercial Design, Graphic Design and Interior Design
   * Multimedia Art Work:
      Scenography for The Royal Theater, Madrid.
      Video production, graphic and web design, PariPari Ecotourism Centre, Indonesia.  
      Corporate graphic design, MacKinsey & Co Singapore and Jakarta.
      Graphic digital design, publicity and promotion, Flamenco Festival – Feria de Abril, Singapore.
* Filmography, shorts in Indonesia, Singapore and Spain:
   ‘The Seven Color Gentleman’ (animation): Producer, adaptation script and Art Director.
   ‘The Damned Room’ (black comedy): Scripter, Director and Art Director.
   ‘The Bull and the Moon’ (animation): Producer, adaptation script, Director, Art Director, and Editing.
       Best Movie 2008, Award Winner Proffessional Jury Global Kids for Kids Festival Montreal, Canada.
   ‘Faces’ (animation): Producer, Director, Art Director and Editing.
      ‘No Hurries’ (Super 8), Director
      ‘The Hamster and the Snake’ (video and animation): Producer and Director.
      ‘The Tree of Life’ (animation): Producer and Director.
      'The Ballerina Dream' (animation) Producer and Director
      'The Cats of Triana' (animation) Producer and Director
      ‘A day with the Baduy’ (documentary)
      ‘Pulau Dua’ (documentary)
      ‘Looking for the lion’ (documentary)
      ‘Rediscovering Jawa’ (documentary)
      ‘Ulpi, La Memoria (documentary)
      'La Banda del Flamenco' (music video)
    * Clubexplor, Founder and Director, arts and culture center in Singapore: vimeo
   Film productions, cultural activities, workshops & art festivals productions for children and youth.
    * Flamenco Asia, Founder and Director:
      Promotes. organize and supports Flamenco performances/events in Asia